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Harry Potter Fan Convention


This is a story about love and disaster. Megamix of eight songs of british band Hurts. We did this medley special for Subbotnik festival contest (Moscow, Russia) with great respect to the band!

Better than love/Wonderful life/Somebody to die for/Sunday/Stay/Mother Nature/Illuminated/All I Want For Christmas is New Year’s Day

Немного подразним вас постером нашего нового проекта

Немного подразним вас постером нашего нового проекта

Don’t forget to turn English subs on ;) (how?)

CLOCKWORK PODCAST (people who are famous for an amazing birthday video for Steven Moffat - actually, he has watched it) presents

The most interesting things about British and American TV-series. News from multifandom’s community. Exclusive materials.

In this episode you can find: interview with actors from Sherlock’s crowd scene, plot about Harry Potter fan party in Moscow, Russia, premiere of a new video by KatrinDepp and much more (even naked women)!

This video contains spoilers for:
1) ‘Sherlock’ BBC season two finale
2) ‘Downton Abbey’ Christmas Special
3) ‘War and Peace’ by Leo Tolstoy (3rd book)
4) ‘Merlin’ BBC finale
5) 7th season of ‘Doctor Who’
6) 7th book of ‘Harry Potter’
7) 3rd season of ‘Torchwood’
8) 50th Anniversary ‘Doctor Who’ Special

Enjoy watching and stay in touch, the second episode is fast approaching! We need your comments!

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